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Track Events

If an athlete breaks twice at the start of a race the penalty for such an error shall be to start a half metre behind in races up to 100m, one metre in the 200m, two metres in the 400m and in a walk distance the offender shall start behind the pack.
In laned events athletes must stay within their allotted lane. Failure to observe this rule may lead to the competitor being disqualified.
All athletes must compete in the best possible manner and conduct their behaviour accordingly. 
No person or athlete may cross the running or walking track while an event is in progress. Any person so doing may cause and athlete to be disqualified from that event.

Hurdle Heights & Spacing



LAVic Competition Regulations

Age Group Event Height Flights Run In Spacing Run Out
U6 - U9 60 mh 45cm 6 12m 7m 13m
80 mh 45cm 9 12m 7m 12m
U10 - U11 60 mh 60cm 6 12m 7m 13m
80mh 60cm 9 12m 7m 12m
U12 60mh 68cm 6 12m 7m 13m
80mh 68cm 9 12m 7m 12m
U13-U14 Girls
U13 Boys 80mh 76cm 9 12m 7m 12m
U15+ Girls
U14+ Boys 90mh 76cm 9 13m 8m 13m
U15+ Boys 100mh 76cm 10 13m 8.5m 105m
U13 - U16 300mh 68cm 7 50m 35m 40m