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Shot Put

  1. Each athlete is permitted 3 throws only.
  2. All trials shall commence from a stationary position
  3. Once an athlete has entered the circle and commences to throw it will be a foul or non-trial if the athlete touches any part of the circle or ground outside excepting that the athlete may touch the inside of the kick board but not the top
  4. An athlete may not leave the circle until the shot has touched the ground and may only leave the circle through the designated rear half of the circle
  5. To be a valid Put the shot must fall within the inner edge lines marking the throwing sector
  6. The measurement of each valid trial shall be from the nearest mark made by the shot to the inside edge of the kick board along an imaginary line drawn through the centre of the circle
  7. The shot must be put in one hand only
  8. From the time the athlete takes a stance in the circle to commence the trial the shot shall touch or be in close proximity to the chin and shall not be dropped below this position during the action of putting. The shot shall not be brought behind the line of the shoulders

Shot Weights

Boys U6 & U7 1kg Girls U6 & U7 1kg
Boys U8 1.5kg Girls U8 1.5kg
Boys U9-U11 2kg Girls U9 & U12 2kg
Boys U12-U14 3kg Girls U13-U16 3kg
Boys U15-U16 4kg