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  1. Each athlete is permitted 3 throws only.
  2. Once a competition has begun athletes are not permitted to use the runway or ground within the sector for practice trials with or without equipment
  3. The Javelin must be held at the grip. It should be thrown over the shoulder or upper part of the throwing arm and must never be slung or hurled
  4. At no time during the throw, until the Javelin has been discharged into the air, may the competitor turn completely around so that their back is towards the throwing arc.
  5. The tip of the Javelin must fall within the inner edges of the throwing sector for the throw to be valid
  6. A throw shall only be valid if the tip of the metal head strikes the ground before any other part of the Javelin. The Javelin does not have to stick in. When a Javelin descends at a very low angle with the ground it may bounce shortly before producing what looks like a fair landing. Care must be taken to ensure that the point impacts first.
  7. The competitor must not leave the runway until the Javelin has touched the ground. When leaving the runway the first contact with the parallel lines or the ground outside the runway must be completely behind the white lines of the arc at right angles to the parallel lines.
  8. It shall be a foul throw if the competitor, after starting to throw, touches (with any part of the body) the runway lines or the ground outside the runway or improperly releases the Javelin whilst making an attempt
  9. The measurement of each throw shall be made from where the metal tip first strikes the ground to the inside edge of the arc along a line from the point of the landing to the centre of the circle of which the arc is part.
  10. The tape must be straightened and pulled tight and the distance measured to the nearest whole centimetre below the distance thrown unless the reading is a whole centimetre.

Javelin Weights

Boys U11 - U12 400g Girls U11 - U14 400g
Boys U13 - U14 600g Girls U15 - U16 500g
Boys U15 -U16 700g