High Jump

  1. Athletes must jump from one foot only.
  2. Knocking the bar off its supports or touching the ground beyond the plane of the upright with any part of the body without clearing the bar shall count as a failure.
  3. The uprights shall not be moved during the competition unless the Referee considers the take off area has become unstable. In such case the change shall be made only after a round has been completed.
  4. An athlete may or may not jump at any height but three consecutive failures at any height disqualifies the athlete from further jumping.
  5. After all the athletes have failed the remaining athlete is entitled to continue jumping.
  6. An athlete is allowed no more than two run ups at which no attempt is made. Two 'baulks' is regarded as one failure. In the case of an athlete attempting to equal or better a record height the athlete will be permitted three baulks which will be regarded as one failure.